Overwhelmed by IVF? Try This Meditation Exercise

If you are dealing with infertility, no doubt you are on an emotional roller coaster and should take special care of yourself. This Mentor’s Table exercise is something that you can do at home on your own to help you cope; I’ve worked with many women and men who find it useful, even revelatory. The tool works well in situations in which you feel overwhelmed or confused, or are lacking confidence. Please be aware that this can stir up more emotion within you but in an inspiring and positive way toward your intuition.

You may want to ask a good friend or trusted person to do this exercise with you so that he or she can record your answers.

The Process

  1. Imagine the question you would like answered the most and write it down. Think of three important mentors that have helped shape or influence you in your life in a positive way. They can be people you know or even public figures that you don’t know but whom you admire and who have a distinct voice/coaching style (such as Oprah Winfrey).
  2. Choose a beautiful location (ex: mountain top, beach, etc) where you would like to invite your three mentors, then set a table for you and your guests.
  3. Ask your question of the mentors from the first position, which is from your point of view. Listen to the voice and caring, supportive message when each mentor responds. What does each mentor say to you? (Since each mentor has a unique philosophy or way of advising, imagine how she or he would answer your question based on past advice and support.) How do you feel when you hear their words?
  4. Now you can take the second position point of view of each mentor by putting yourself in her or his shoes. For example, If you were {add mentor A name}, what advice would you give (add your name) in this situation? Ask yourself what is the deeper message from this mentor?  Do this with all three mentors.
  5. Take the third position from an overhead view and when you look down at the table and see yourself sitting with your three mentors, what do you notice about what is happening there? How do you feel? Do the mentors you’ve brought together as a group encourage/inspire you?
  6. Review the answers from all three mentors. What is the common message they are all giving you?  How could you summarize what they are saying in one or two sentences? Is there a common theme or pattern? Considering all the information you received from your mentors, what actions could you take next?

Sometimes we know what we should do in stressful situations but need some advice to validate what we are feeling. This exercise helps in achieving that validation. I wish you the very best in navigating your way through this difficult time and please know that you are not alone on your journey.

Jennifer Juneau, Life Coach

Jennifer Juneau, Life Coach

Jennifer Juneau is a registered nurse in Canada with more than 21 years of experience in the operating room and private practice. Her specialty is women’s health, particularly infertility. She is also a strong patient advocate and certified life coach and has been coaching couples with infertility and individuals on health and wellness since 2013.

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