How to Make A Baby At Home Without Having Sex

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In a perfect world, sex is fun and exciting—and if you’re trying for a baby, it’s followed by two joyous pink lines on a pregnancy test exactly fourteen days later.

In the real world, however, the route is frequently stressful, time-consuming, and anything but straightforward. Infertility is actually surprisingly common. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, out of every 100 couples, 12 to 13 will have problems getting pregnant. The baby-making journey, with repeated trips to fertility clinics, can take its toll on both your sanity and your wallet.

That’s what makes the home insemination product Mosie Baby so revolutionary. Designed by women for women, Mosie Baby is a patent-pending home insemination syringe developed by Maureen and Marc Brown, who successfully used it to create the first “Mosie” baby—their son Frank. Designed with  input from a fertility specialist, Mosie Baby is made of medical-grade materials and is BPA-free, latex-free, and non-toxic.

More comfortable and natural than other at-home conception devices, Mosie isn’t meant to replace fertility treatments for all—some people with medical issues simply need more intervention—but it’s an excellent option for others. Those who want more privacy, may be frustrated by the costs of IUI, or simply want to take a break from the pressure of performing on command might benefit.

“We primarily want people to know that there are other supportive options out there,” says Maureen. “All too often, we hear people sharing obstacles—that they love someone who shares the same body parts or they’re having unexpected intimacy struggles. There’s a little bit of helplessness and vulnerability there. We want people to know that there is an option that they can try at home.”

Marc says that technically it’s “intravaginal insemination.  IUI places sperm into the uterus, whereas Mosie places sperm at or next to the cervical opening. If sex isn’t working or just isn’t an option, Mosie is not as invasive as IUI, and it’s safe. Mosie is a viable alternative you can try at home. ”

Maureen points out how comfortable Mosie is (and she would know!): “The syringe is designed for the female body and for this process, and there are some design elements that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Convenience is key. “You can do it by yourself or with a partner,” Maureen says, “it’s easy to do, and you can do it at the time of your choosing and in the location of your choice. That’s huge for a lot of people because the ability to be comfortable in your home environment and own bedroom can relax you and decrease stress levels. You may or may not be ovulating at a time that works for a doctor’s office. With Mosie, if you want to use it at 11 pm at night or at any time of day that you choose, you can.”

How well does it work? Here are real stories of *three couples who got pregnant with Mosie Baby—including Maureen and Marc themselves. (*Last names withheld.)

Couple #1: MAUREEN & MARC

The Founders of Mosie Baby Were Their Own First Success Story!


Q: What was your personal TTC journey?

Marc: “Maureen and I tried for two and a half years to conceive. After two and a half years, it’s not about sex, it’s about getting the job done! Along the way, we had our first IUI scheduled and were about to be spending serious money. The last thing we tried was a syringe. We went into this with a sense of humor, but the only thing the syringe did was the actual transfer of the sperm. It was kind of a hot mess.

“After that, we thought about it seriously. From a function standpoint, I can see why people would do this, but the form is awful for the intended purposes. We’d Google “insemination syringe” thinking we’d try those for the months we didn’t have IUI, but to our surprise couldn’t find anything. Next thing I knew, Maureen had drawn what she thought it should look like, we started researching how to find a medical device engineer, we talked to a patent lawyer. Amazingly, we got pregnant from our IUI the following month. Even though we were pregnant, we decided we would have bought it if it existed, so we said, ‘Let’s continue to pursue this thing.’

“After the birth of our daughter, we brought our prototype to the fertility specialist who did our IUI. I didn’t know if she would be offended in some way or dig it, and her immediate words were: ‘This is fabulous.’ She loved it, and we were so relieved to hear that. She provided some input as to how long it should be, the opening, etc., and basically helped us with some design input. She’s been our ambassador ever since.

Fast forward many months, we got the prototype for Mosie Baby in. Using it led to the birth of our son Frank, and we ended up being the first success story. We had had our little girl, June, first though IUI and now, despite our challenges, we have two children!”

That’s what makes a home insemination product like Mosie Baby so revolutionary. Designed by women for women, Mosie Baby is a patent-pending home insemination syringe developed by Maureen and Marc Brown, who successfully used it to create the first “Mosie” baby—their son Frank.


This Couple Got Pregnant Together with Mosie and Delivered Three Days Apart!

Q: How did you and Kelly meet?

Karina: “We met in high school back in Venezuela. We were best friends for several years, moved to the United States after we graduated high school, and started dating in college. I proposed to Kelly in the Grand Canyon and she said yes! We got married in 2017, and after we got married we decided we were ready to start our family.”

Q: What was your personal journey to pregnancy like?

Karina: “It was definitely interesting and a lot of fun! Being a lesbian couple, we had no idea how we were going to make that happen. We had to do a lot of research. We knew a sperm bank was out of the picture because of the costs and also because you don’t know much about the donor. Finding a sperm donor was like finding The Bachelor! It was quite funny. We came across a website called Cool Parents, and that’s how we found our sperm donor. We did phone calls and emails and met with the top two ‘candidates’ in person. We flew one in from California, and the other was local. We gave ‘the final rose’ to a guy from Spokane. We drafted and signed a contract with him, and then we were ready to go.”


Q: How did you hear about Mosie Baby? 

Karina: “We did a lot of research because we honestly had no idea about anything. We learned about insemination and looked into fertility clinics, learned about IUI and IVF. (Not cheap!) We came across Mosie Baby. We read about it, saw the videos online and decided to try. We bought two Mosie kits.”

Q: What were your expectations using Mosie Baby?

Karina: “We didn’t really think it would work so quickly and easily. Our original plan was for me to get pregnant first and then a few years later for her to carry the second child. However, our donor was moving, and we were moving to California, so we decided to do insemination in both of us. We were hoping that one of us would get pregnant, and the moon and stars and planets aligned. We didn’t expect for me to get pregnant so quickly—let alone both of us to get pregnant on the first try! We literally conceived less than 24 hours apart! Fortunately, we ended up giving birth three days apart. She went first and we were able to be there for each other, which was amazing.”

Q: Can you tell us about your “date” night with Mosie Baby? 

Karina: “It was interesting! Our donor had already moved, so he came back over a weekend and we had him stay in our house. We took him out for dinner and he gave us the first sperm sample on a Saturday night, and we did my insemination.

More comfortable and natural than other at-home conception devices, Mosie isn’t meant to replace fertility treatments for all—some people with medical issues simply need more intervention—but it’s an excellent option for others.

“It was super funny—after we did it, Kelly lifted my legs, and I was almost in a backward handstand. We’re both engineers, so we were trying to work against gravity! On Sunday, we did the second sample and did the insemination on her—the same thing. Surprise! We both got pregnant! The crazy thing is that it happened after the first try for both of us! One is hard; imagine two! It was just insanity! I would have never imagined that that would have happened. We were really surprised by how easy and comfortable it was, the design was amazing, and it’s small like a tampon, but more comfortable.”

Q: Any tips for other couples using Mosie Baby?

Karina: “Timing of ovulation is very critical. We did our insemination with Mosie Baby the day before each of us was peak, and it worked great on the first try. Don’t get discouraged or stressed if it doesn’t work the first time. If you time it right [Editor’s Note: (and you don’t have an issue that requires medical attention)], it should work. Mosie Baby was super comfy and easy to use, and we were able to make our babies in the comfort and privacy of our own home. I would tell people to give Mosie a try because it’s so affordable and easy to use. “



From Unexplained Infertility to a Mosie Baby

Q: Can you tell us about the two of you and your personal journey to pregnancy?

Bobby Jo: “We tried to get pregnant for two years. He has two boys that are grown from his first marriage. At the time we used Mosie, I was 40 and he was 52. We went to a fertility clinic and we were declared fine; in other words, we were dealing with ‘unexplained infertility.’ We did four rounds of IUI, but they all failed. We got our last in January, and after that we said, “It’s too stressful.” We were traveling two hours each way to the clinic, and we just kind of gave up. “

Q: How did you hear about Mosie Baby? 

Bobby Jo: “Around March, I started researching online about at-home insemination kits, and that’s when I found their site. I started looking up the ‘turkey baster’ method and Mosie came up. We watched Maureen’s videos and were like, ‘Wow, that looks easy and it’s not expensive. Let’s give it a try.’ The first week or so, in April, is when I ovulated and we did the kit one time—and two weeks later we were pregnant with our daughter! We used Mosie again another time, and we had another positive, but unfortunately, we lost that baby at twelve weeks. We got really lucky both times. We’re gearing up to try this again.”

Q: Can you tell me a little about your “date” night with Mosie Baby? 

Bobby Jo: “We tracked our ovulation and when it said ‘peak,’ that’s the night we did the Mosie. It’s a little nerve-wracking having to use a collection cup, but you get over the sensation. We had sex, and he finished in the cup, which is a little too much information (laughs). He put it in the injector and he put it in, and we raised my legs, put a pillow under my hips and lay there. Get comfortable! That’s what they told us when we did the IUI, too: You just lay there for 20 minutes.”

Q: Any tips you have for other couples using Mosie Baby?

We were really surprised by how easy and comfortable it was, the design was amazing, and it’s small like a tampon but more comfortable.

Bobby Jo: “Get past the stigma of the ‘turkey-baster’ method. The whole infertility thing, the money, everything that gets involved gets your head out of the game.”


“We send out a tips and tricks email after every purchase,” says Maureen, who also films support videos for the Mosie Baby website.

“Essentially, we recommend working through a plan with your partner ahead of time, so it’s not stressful: Who’s doing what, what’s going down, do I want you in the room?! Figure that out together. Open the kit, look at the pieces, and feel free to open the syringe so you’re familiar with it. When it’s time, you’ll have an idea of how it’s going to go and you’re comfortable. We know there’s a little bit of a time limit when you’re working with this precious sample. We want to make it as easy as possible!”

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