About Us (and me)

My name is Andrea Syrtash, and I'm an ovary-achiever.

Since 2012, I’ve had over a dozen fertility treatments, an invasive open-stomach surgery (to remove a freakishly large fibroid) and a couple of pregnancies…so far.

Before this process, I agreed with the expression that you can’t be a little bit pregnant. Now, years into fertility treatments, I know that that’s not true. I regularly feel pregnant-ish.

Like some of you, my body has absorbed many strange little pills and hundreds (and hundreds) of shots. At various times you could play checkers on my stomach. Really, though, my heart’s often been more bruised than my body.

When I started this process, I searched far and wide on the world wide web and found little information to address the many questions I had about starting a family with a little help. Sure, there were some good medical resources out there; but anybody who experiences the fertility journey knows that this process is so much more than a medical one.

Infertility touches every aspect of our lives — the emotional, financial, relational, spiritual and even the practical parts.

The process is very labor (excuse the pun) intensive. You wear that band-aid so much from getting blood drawn on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, that you hardly notice it anymore. Sometimes you have to wake up in the middle of the night or way too early in the morning to give yourself injections. You’re late for meetings and other appointments but you often can’t always tell people the real reason.

There are so many areas to navigate: What’s the difference between FSH and AMH? (And why so many acronyms?) How does one balance constant doctor visits and treatments with real life? When is enough enough?!

This is why I’ve created pregnantish. I have a feeling if you’re pursuing any part of the fertility process, or know someone important that is, you also need the resources that I’ve needed.

I hope you feel this is a safe and supportive place to learn, connect, and share. Here, you’ll have access to great resources, expert advice, inspiration, and motivation as you continue on your journey. This process is too important to go through it alone.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been at this for a while, you’ll find information and support on pregnantish that I hope is helpful.

I’m glad you’re here.