NIAW Panel “Navigating Your Relationships with Fertility”: Part 1

Infertility is as much a relationship journey as it is a medical journey.

During National Infertility Awareness Week 2017, pregnantish and a team of experts shared advice (to a sold out audience at Calligaris in Soho, NYC!) on how best to navigate the often overwhelming process of fertility treatments and infertility whether you’re single, in a heterosexual couple or part of the LGBT community.

Moderator: Karen Snyder Duke, Health Editor at Redbook Magazine


Andrea Syrtash, Relationship Expert & pregnantish Founder – Navigating Your Relationships During Infertility

Piraye Beim, Celmatix & Fertilome – The Science of Fertility

Dr. Lucy Hutner, Reproductive Psychiatrist – Navigating Your Relationship With Yourself During Infertility

Dr. Joseph Davis, Reproductive Endocrinologist – Navigating Your Relationship with Fertility Treatments



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